Voice Camp Information

Dates: 6 - 14 August 2022



Some things you may encounter...

Harmonic Temple,  Heartsong,  Georgian Polyphony,  Rainforest Chants,  Improvisation,  Raga Singing,  New and Original Compositions,  Taizé by Candlelight,  Gospel and Blues,  Elemental Chants,  Folk,  Spellbinding Storytelling,  Circle Dancing,  Performance,  Drumming,  Cabaret,  Fire Dance,  Market Day,  Children’s Workshops and Games,  Teenagers Workshops and Performance,  Dances of Universal Peace,  Yoga,  Qui Gung,  Morning Gatherings,  Campfire Singing,  Dance of Life,  Volleyball,  Jamming,  Shooting Stars,  Spontaneous Fun,  Sunshine,  Hugs,  Groovy Cafe and Lots of Smiles...


This is where you come if you want to sing your heart out!
From Wake up Singing to a lullaby around your circle fireside you can croon, harmonize, bop, halleluia, read the dots, make it up on the spot, do it alone, in small groups or in a Big Sing in the big top


Opportunities to listen to and perform to each other are an integral part of the camp. As well as singing the choral pieces we have learned together during the week at the Final Night Sharing there are two evenings of Cabaret in the Café for all manner of items and much humour, including a section for the children to exhibit their talents to an appreciative and supportive audience. In recent years the Teenagers have also staged their own Cabaret event.

Final Night

Having worked diligently on your parts all week, what could be better than an evening celebration of your efforts with the whole camp? Each choir presents their offering to the audience, and we all get to sit in our chairs and drink it all in. Gregorian chanting, Barbershop, people who glow, 40 teenagers note-perfect, old favourites and weird Macedonian folk songs...truly there's nothing like it! It's amazing!


Come to the Cabaret! Held in the cafe in the evening enjoy the warm and fun atmosphere with chai and cake. Take in the impressive diversity of talent on offer from all around the camp. All are welcomed to entertain or be entertained by voices, performances, costumes, jokes, guitars, harps and violins and the applause is so very warm and encouraging! Children are especially welcome to perform at the start of the evening