Constellations Camp Information

What is a Constellation?

Being part of a constellation, whether as client, facilitator, representative or member of the holding circle, is an experience which is profound and touches the deepest parts of ourselves.

It requires a major shift in our thinking and asks of us that we adopt a new paradigm – that of viewing the world and those living in it in a holistic, inter-connected way. We are urged to move beyond the dualistic nature of being, of seeing right and wrong, good and bad, cause and effect, to seeing that everything and everyone are inextricably linked, that the past and the future are not separate from the present. This is a quantum leap for some people, yet not for those already interested in Gestalt theory, permaculture, morphic resonance or quantum physics.

Doing constellation work in a yurt in a field, camping in circles round a campfire, cooking and eating together and chatting under the stars, brings us closer to the land and thus closer to our own souls. This background, alongside other supporting activities for body and soul, enables us to sink deeply into the process and find nurturing on all levels of our being.

Barbara Morgan has been running constellation workshops as part of the Unicorn Camps for many years and she would warmly welcome you to this year’s event. A team of people will be facilitating the supporting events and helping out with the camp generally.