Teacher/Worker/Admin ticket ordering instructions

  1. login (your email address, and the password which is by default unicorn (if you have password trouble trigger a I forgot my password login link to get you in which will send you an email with login instructions)
  2. Go to tickets -> buy tickets (not direct to the punters ticket buying page which will not get you a workers ticket). This page will give additional links to workers/admin/teachers tickets depending who you are.
  3. Buy your full price and half price tickets filling in name and role, if you are buying additional tickets do so before proceeding to the shopping basket (going back to the tickets -> buy tickets page if you need to get a different type, for example a half price ticket)
  4. Once you have bought all your tickets proceed to the shopping basket and check all your details are there with the correct Full name next to each ticket. If Names or numbers of tickets are wrong remove tickets as neccesary and buy again.
  5. Proceed to the checkout. 
  6. Add billing information (for the main person buying the tickets)
  7. Add your family profile (We need atleast the full name of the person your are buying the ticket for, if you are buying tickets for a family choose one family representitive here, their name will be used to verify your ticket at the gate. The address and telephone information goes on the contact list, and is optional. You may remove yourself from the contact list at anytime by logging in and clicking edit on your profile.
  8. Finally you get to a review order page wich will lead you though to paypal if you have money to pay for your half price tickets.